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Discover the vibrant, walkable neighborhood of Green Lake, rich in dining, shopping, and leisure.

Embrace the exceptional lifestyle at The Clarke with these enticing local amenities, perfect for enhancing your living experience:


  • Beth’s Cafe – A Culinary Delight: Kickstart your mornings at Beth’s Cafe, celebrated for its scrumptious breakfast offerings. It’s a food lover’s paradise, adding a gourmet touch to your daily routine.

  • Hangry Panda – Unique Dining Experience: Enjoy a unique culinary journey at lunch with Hangry Panda’s delicious gluten-free fried chicken, savory teriyaki, and refreshing bubble tea. It’s a dining experience that blends taste with health.

  • West Green Lake Beach – Serene Getaway: Step into tranquility at West Green Lake Beach. Its peaceful ambience provides the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation or a scenic picnic, enhancing your quality of life.

  • The Wick – Your Evening Retreat: Unwind in the cozy environment of The Wick. This coffee shop is your go-to spot for an evening of relaxation, offering top-quality coffee and a serene atmosphere.

  • Seattle Holistic Center – Wellness Haven: Rejuvenate at the Seattle Holistic Center with their yoga and wellness sessions. It’s your personal retreat for mental and physical well-being, right in your neighborhood.

  • Linden Orchard Park – Family Fun and Leisure: Discover the joy of outdoor activities at Linden Orchard Park. Whether it’s a family outing or a personal leisure time, this park caters to all your recreational needs.

Living at The Clarke means being surrounded by these fabulous amenities, each enhancing your daily living with comfort, convenience, and enjoyment.

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